Petri Lyytikäinen
Photography offers me a moment of complete focus as I am trying to capture a special moment, whether the subject of the photo is a person posing for a portrait or a orangutan climbing a tree in the rainforest. This moment makes me forget everything else as I try to capture the moment in a perfect way. The feeling I get from this is something I love in photography, even when sometimes, especially in nature photography, the moment might slip away and with it the picture I would've wanted.  
My passion and fascination for photography began with my father's Canon AE1 camera. What fascinated me most as a 8-year-old was all the different lenses and miscellaneous equipment, that allowed you to be prepared for every kind of situation. It all felt so complicated at the time and I admired my father for being able to operate such a system. He eventually taught me the fundamentals of photography. While cameras have developed a lot in recent years the things that create a beautiful images have not. Composing a beautiful image is something that my father tried to teach me, but only later when I bought my first own camera as a 13-year-old I began to understand. 
For almost ten years I was avidly photographing for fun. Learning photography by experimenting and by mistake. Now seventeen years later I have worked 8 years as a photo- and a videographer.
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